Job Searching in Winter: 5 Tips to Stay on Track

November 14, 2016, all locations – While companies often slow down their hiring as the winter holidays approach, you can use this time to continue building momentum in your search for the right position as you head into the new year. And with the right focus, you may get a jump on companies who are staffing up to support next year’s demand.
  • 1. Revitalize your resume. Take a fresh look at this critical document, as your first impression with prospective employers. Can you strengthen your qualifications with certifications in your field or volunteer experience? Clarify your achievements? Correct any errors? Search online for examples of well-crafted resumes in your field, and see what you can do to polish your professional presentation.
  • 2. Record your success stories. Prepare for future interviews by drafting short stories (3-5 sentences) that answer common hiring questions, like “Tell us about a problem you solved successfully.” “What is your greatest personal achievement?” “Why did you decide to pursue this career?” “What strengths to you bring to this role?”
  • 3. Reach out to your network. “The best time to network is in advance of job opportunities being posted,” says Hannah Morgan of US News & World Report. The holidays are a great time to reconnect with old acquaintances and let them know you’re looking for new opportunities.
  • 4. Review your social media presence. Hiring managers often search candidates’ social media, so make sure they’ll find only positive content. Ask friends to untag inappropriate photos or posts and create/update your profile on professional networking sites such as LinkedIn.
  • 5. Remember to take care of yourself. Make time for exercise, healthy food and a good night’s sleep. You can enjoy the festivities, but stay in fighting form – you’ll want to be feeling good when opportunity strikes.
Above all, remain confident. You have an excellent education and the support of your instructors and your American Institute Family. The Career Services team is here and ready to help with practice interviews, resume reviews, and networking skills, so be sure to schedule time to meet with them if you haven’t already.
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