Skilled Trades Day at American Institute in 2024: Highlighting Electrical Trades

May 1, 2024, All New Jersey locations – The first Wednesday in May each year, we celebrate National Skilled Trades Day and take time to honor and recognize the skilled trades workers who keep our communities going.

American Institute campuses in New Jersey celebrated the day with their Electrical Trades Technology students, staff, and faculty who each play (or will play) a role in this essential industry. Clifton, NJ students joined with the rest of their #AIFamily in a catered meal on campus, while Cherry Hill, Somerset, and Toms River students donned custom-printed t-shirts to mark the occasion.

“Each student’s journey in the electrical field begins with a spark – a moment where their curiosity or interest in something technical turns into a deeper desire to impact the world around them,” shared Christopher Coutts, Senior Vice President of Ground Strategic Operations at American Institute. “I am so proud of all our Electrical Trades Technology students and staff who have chosen this career and enjoy celebrating them and all the skilled craftspeople in our lives each year.”

As we continue to see the field of electricity innovate and evolve, we delight in taking a moment to salute the electricians in our lives whose dedication, skill, and warmth literally ‘light up’ our worlds.

Happy Skilled Trades Day!

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