Medical Billers Day 2024

March 28, 2024, West Hartford, CT – The 2024 theme for National Medical Billers Day was ‘Stand Up and Be Counted!’ and American Institute celebrated with the Medical Coding & Billing students on campus in West Hartford, CT with a meal and short break from their training.

“Empowering students to learn billing and coding isn’t just about numbers and codes; it’s about unlocking doors to their future endeavors. As a teacher, my passion lies not only in imparting knowledge but in fueling their ambition to excel in their careers. Together, we navigate the intricate world of billing and coding, paving the path for each student to shine brightly in his or her professional journey,” shared Beth Canny, Medical Coding & Billing Program Director.

The American Medical Billing Association (AMBA) first sought state recognition and proclamations honoring the day in 2007 and have continued the tradition the last Thursday in March each year since.

American Institute shared in celebrating these individuals whose skills help them strive that each code is accurately applied, from A00 (Cholera) to Z99 (Dependence on enabling machines and devices, not elsewhere classified),* and provide an essential role to patients and caregivers alike in navigating the complexities of healthcare billing.

Thank you to all the billing professionals who keep our healthcare finance system going!

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