American Institute (AI) is committed to creating opportunities for students to better their lives thorough education and skill development. It takes drive, determination, and dedication to change a life. American Institute schools are filled with students striving to create a better life for themselves and their families, educators that go the extra mile to make sure no student feels left behind, and staff that will stay late or will come in early just to allow one more person the chance to change their life.

AI understands it takes unique group of individuals to come together to create this special place that allows people to grow and reach a potential most didn’t know they had before walking through the door. These are some of their stories. These are the Humans of AI.

Lanetta Hall,
Administrative Office Professional Program Director, Clifton, NJ Campus

Patterson, NJ native Ms. Hall from the Clifton, NJ campus shares her story with us about how she found her passion for teaching and helping people succeed as part of the AI Family.

Dr. Salvatore Giardina,
Director of Education, Somerset, NJ Campus​

Dr. Giardina shares why he’s passionate about helping students succeed and how he goes about helping them in his role as Director of Education at the Somerset, NJ campus of American Institute. 

Sherry L. Muse,
Assistant Campus President / Director of Education, Clifton, NJ Campus

Hear from Mrs. Muse in the Clifton, NJ campus about how she came full circle in her role as Assistant Campus President / Director of Education at American Institute. 

Kiara R. Powell ('KiKi'),
Medical Assisting Student, Somerset, NJ Campus

Meet KiKi, Medical Assisting student at the Somerset, NJ Campus, and see why she chose this career path and what keeps her motivated to finish.

Ralph Camacho,
Massage Therapy Student, Clifton, NJ Campus

Meet Ralph Camacho, Massage Therapy student in Clifton, NJ, and hear how and why he chose this career path. 

Iasia Gregory-Tall,
Director of Admissions, Somerset, NJ Campus

Meet Iasia Gregory-Tall, from our Somerset, NJ campus, and hear why she is so passionate about helping people change their lives through career education.

Jose Nunez,
Assistant Director of Admissions, Clifton, NJ Campus

Introducing Jose Nunez, Assistant Director of Admissions in Clifton, NJ, our first Humans of American Institute feature. Watch him tell his story about why he is so passionate about American Institute students and their success.

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