For AI Students, Raising Funds to Cure Breast Cancer is a Walk in the Park

October 2016, All locations – Students, staff and graduates of the American Institute laced up their tennis shoes and hit the pavement in October to support “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.” The annual event sponsored by the American Cancer Society features 5K (3-mile) walks in hundreds of communities nationwide and raises millions to support breast cancer research, awareness, treatment and prevention. American Institute helped raise more than $1.75 million by turning out to walk under sunny autumn skies in Clifton, Toms River, and Margate.“We are so proud of our students and grads who came together to take part in this important event,” said Brook Baran, Vice President of Education. “Service is a cornerstone of our curriculum at American Institute, and we’re thrilled to see so many students getting out there and supporting such a worthy cause.” The event held special significance for many members of the American Institute family who have been personally affected by cancer. “Seeing so many of us walk, laugh, and cry together is very important not just for me, but for so many of us who have battled with cancer and so many who are still fighting,” said Admission Counselor and walk participant Helene Moncada, who survived both stage III breast cancer and stage II lymphoma. “This message needs to be heard so that we can keep fighting and hoping for a cure.”
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