American Institute Supports Cleanup Efforts in the Gulf

May 26, 2010, Margate, FL – As the Nation watches the oil spill in the Gulf continue to grow and cause additional ecological concerns, the American Institute School of Wellness and Beauty is pleased to be participating in efforts to collect human hair and sending it to the Gulf.  The initiative is being spearheaded by Matter of Trust. “We first learned about the efforts from Matter of Trust a few weeks ago,” said Gussie Wilkins-Holmes, Campus President.  “When we heard that they were taking human hair and putting it into nylons to actually create booms that would soak up oil we thought – wow, we can help.  Our salon director and our students immediately took action and started collecting the hair clippings after each hair cut.  As educators we thought it was a great opportunity to help our students learn about being good civic participants while they were being trained in cosmetology.  It was a win-win situation for the students and they are proud to be participating in something that can actually help to make a difference.” According to the website “Matter of Trust was established in 1998, and is an ecological public charity that links ideas, sparks action and materializes flourishing systems.  It concentrates on manmade surplus, natural surplus, and eco-education.” Their website address is: “The situation in the Gulf threatens one of the backbones of our eco system,” stated Randy Proto, CEO of American Institute.  “When we learned that human hair can actually make a difference and be used to soak up oil we were sure we had to participate.  We knew that our salon and hair clippings would not make a huge impact but we thought it was important to show our students that we each must do our small part.  If others that educate cosmetologists, and salon owners and operators do their small part we will have all joined forces to make a difference.  In my mind that is human participation at its best, and education at its best.  I am encouraged to learn that Matter of Trust has seen participation from all 50 states and several countries.” “We are proud of our students and it is nice to watch them feel empowered as they participate in something that is so much larger than just our school and our program,” added Benigna Garcia- DiLorenzo, Salon Director.  “I think it also has made them feel really connected to the profession that they have chosen to pursue.” For more information about American Institute School of Wellness and Beauty please visit us at  
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