What to Expect After Graduation

Diagnostic medical sonography – you’ve lived it, breathed it and have worked your butt off at school, but what happens after graduation? Here is what to expect once you have graduated from the diagnostic medical sonographer (ultrasound technician) program.

ARDMS Certification: The diagnostic medical sonographer program prepares you to sit for the Abdomen (AB) and/or Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBGYN) specialty examinations through the ARDMS. The first half of the certification exam, the Sonography Principles and Instrumentation (SPI), will be taken during your final term prior to graduation. Once graduated, you will be eligible to sit for the second half of the specialty ARDMS exam of your choice.

Professional Experience Requirements: After you are a certified sonographer, some ultrasound specializations require professional experience to move forward within that field. For example, to specialize in vascular, musculoskeletal or neurosonography, you must gain experience at a hospital or medical office before you are able to practice within your preferred specialty.

Additional Certifications: In addition to professional experience, to move up in or gain entry into one of the more advanced specialties, you may need additional certifications. For example, sonographers can pursue certifications in radiation therapy, computer tomography, nuclear medicine technology and cardiac catheterization.

Employment: Employment for ultrasound technicians is expected to grow a whopping 46 percent between 2012 and 2022. Once you have professional experience, the opportunities for advancement are endless. Move up the ranks within your specialty or advance to a general position as an administrator, chief technologist or clinical supervisor.

Once you have completed your program in diagnostic medical sonography, your potential to continue growing in the medical field is unending. Let your passion help you get to the next step in your career and let it empower you to go further than you ever expected.

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