What is Success?

Different Meanings for Different People If you asked 10 different people the meaning of success, you’d probably get 10 different answers.  When I’ve asked new students, just starting school what success means to them, typical responses include: owning a home, doing something meaningful, making money, providing for family, job security, being able to retire and living a comfortable life – to name a few. Which is the “right” answer? There really is no right answer. Success is what’s important to you and to succeed is to have accomplished your individual goals.  These are individual because each person’s likes, dislikes, and beliefs are influenced by his or her background.  And, as we reach different points in our lives, our views and priorities change, also affecting how we view success synthroid tablets buy online. A Starting Point for Success If we were to look at the different meanings people have for success and, then focus on how each success could be achieved, we’d see that, although the definitions may be different, many have the same starting point for success – a good starting job that becomes a rewarding career and helps achieve ultimate success. In any field that you choose, a good job is one of the most effective ways of climbing the ladder to career success.  Career success can lead to more opportunities for additional successes in life.  A good job can provide personal satisfaction, health benefits, steady income, room for advancement, and opportunity for a comfortable retirement. Therefore, if acquiring a good job is a necessary step in achieving your own career success, then, getting your first job is critical – whether it meets all of the aspects of “good” or just some is a stepping stone. That’s the reason students attend American Institute, because they realize that to get that first job in their chosen field, they need: quality training, assistance in their job search, as well as their own commitment to succeed.  All of us at American Institute take great pride and great care when we are working with our students and sharing in their successes.  And they are their successes; because as we tell our students, in the end your outcome is very much based upon your effort, commitment, and professionalism.  Striving for success in anything always entails the risk of not achieving it, but in education, those are the things that maximize student’s success potential. In my 20+ years of experience in student and career services, I’ve enjoyed the unique opportunity and derived great personal satisfaction in being a part of people changing their lives.  I have spent years helping to bring graduates and employers together.  For me, success is being able to help students and graduates to reach their career goals.
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