What Does an Administrative Office Professional Do?

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If you’re looking for a career that has diverse options, administrative office professionals can work in a variety of industries. These include medical and dental clinics, law offices, schools, government agencies, and private companies. However, you may be wondering what exactly does an administrative office professional do? Here are the basic tasks you would be responsible for every day in a fast-paced office environment:
  • Basic office functions
  • Utilizing industry-specific knowledge
  • Working with technology
  • Managing people and projects

Basic Office Functions

As an administrative office professional, you’d be responsible for a variety of organizational and clerical tasks. Some of these include:
  • Answering telephones and take messages
  • Maintaining files
  • Receiving and distributing mail
  • Scheduling travel
  • Coordinating meetings
  • Updating/creating calendars and spreadsheets
  • Creating and editing presentations
  • Communicating with customers
  • Ordering supplies
  • Creating documents
  • Taking meeting notes/minutes
  • Organizing events and hiring catering services

Utilizing Industry-Specific Knowledge

Administrative employees in settings like a dental clinic or law office will have to use industry-specific knowledge. In a medical setting, you’d need to process insurance claims, create and maintain patient medical records, and schedule appointments. This means knowing basic medical terminology and procedures. The same goes for working in a law firm. As you’d be handling legal briefs and working directly with attorneys, knowledge of legal terminology and the judicial system is necessary. While our program won’t teach you this industry-specific information, we can prepare you to feel ready to “learn on the job”.

Working With Technology

Being an administrative professional means working with technology on a daily basis. Between answering and operating multiple-line phones, using video conferencing tools, Microsoft Office® tools, and operating computer systems, there’s a lot of technology in a modern office. You could even be responsible for sending out text message reminders or managing social media platforms. Whatever the case, being technologically savvy is key in this career. woman working on computer

Managing People and Projects

Administrative employees need to support the professionals around them. This means solving problems around the office, whether that involves people or processes, and helping manage projects. An administrative office professional doesn’t just type documents and answer phones, they make sure that projects are completed and office functions run smoothly. Clerical duties are still a part of the job, but managing people, projects, and processes are even more crucial for an administrative office professional.

Learn About Our Administrative Office Professional Program

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