Putting Summer BBQs To Work For You

American Institute Summer BarbecueJuly 20, 2019, Somerset, NJ & West Hartford, CT – Spending time and connecting with others in your field of study is a crucial part of networking and starting a career. American Institute’s Somerset and West Hartford campuses each hosted a Summer BBQ to encourage faculty and students to connect with each other, while also enjoying food like hot dogs and hamburgers.

“We like to think of ourselves as one big family, and what better way to bring the family together than to gather at a summer BBQ! And this supportive, family-like energy radiating around each campus is one of the main reasons so many people choose American Institute to continue their education,” shared Dr. Salvatore Giardina, Director of Education for Somerset.

The time together encouraged faculty and students to take a break from their hard work to enjoy time with the rest of their #AIFamily in a less stressful way. This also gave them the opportunity to branch out, learn about what their peers are studying — in or out of their own field of study — and gain insight about the various programs American Institute has to offer. “Many job openings are not posted on public sites, and networking skills are essential to finding a job you’ll love,” commented Rula Ballantine, Vice President of Career Services. “Events like these help everyone practice the art of networking in an environment where students are already comfortable, before they graduate and are active job seekers.” Networking can happen anywhere and anytime, and seeing it happen at a barbecue helps open students’ minds about future possibilities to make connections.

“It was so much fun spending quality time with my #AIFamily! The Summer BBQ is such a great way to catch up, connect, and build relationships with fellow peers at American Institute,” said Ashley Lebel, West Hartford Dental Assisting Program Director.

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