New Year’s Resolutions at American Institute

January 7, 2019, Toms River, NJ – Setting New Year’s resolutions is one way many choose to start the new year off on the right foot. At the Toms River campus, a ‘Commitment Board’ was hung so students could write their own resolutions in a place they would see it often while coming to/from class.toms-river-american-institute-commitment-board-new-years-resolutions By challenging students to stop, think, read and write on the commitment board, the Toms River #AIFamily promotes positivity, generosity, and integrity. This helped motivate students to set new and positive habits and inspired other students and faculty members to do so as well.

Tim Rodgers, Toms River Campus President and Director of Education, shared his own New Year’s resolutions on the board (he wrote on the board that he hopes to exercise more, have a grateful heart, and live by the golden rule). “It is important that faculty and staff get involved in encouraging and inspiring students and each other to better themselves and get involved on campus,” Rodgers said. “We recognize the challenge of choosing change at any time of year, and want our students to know that American Institute is here to help you to achieve your goals.”

Deciding to make a change in your life at any time of the year is always challenging. But around the New Year, especially, we all seem to feel that the energy associated with this annual transition will be easier to follow our resolutions, and part of choosing a new career is choosing change. “We believe you can become whatever you want to be, and we’re ready to help you get there,” commented Ashley Du Ren, Student Services Representative in Toms River. “We provide a supportive learning environment and the resources for personal growth and change to help our students achieve their goals.”

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