Memorial Day BBQ at Clifton Campus

American Institute Clifton NJ Memorial Day BBQ

Faculty, staff and more than 100 students from American Institute’s Clifton, NJ campus celebrated Memorial Day with a traditional “backyard barbeque” in the parking lot behind the school.

“We organize events like the Memorial Day BBQ to give the students a moment of enjoyment and relaxation, and to show them our appreciation for joining our AI team,” said Assistant Campus President / Director of Education, Sherry L. Muse. “Our students enjoy socializing with each other, meeting students from the other programs, and sharing their experiences.”

In addition to the hot dogs, hamburgers and camaraderie, Mrs. Gonzalez from the Medical Assisting Program held a health fair, where students could learn about health issues and get health screenings from students in the MA program.

“It’s always a pleasure to see the students mingling and getting to know each other,” said Ms. Muse. “They talk about what they’re doing in their programs and how they’re working toward their goals.”

Mrs. Muse addressed the group briefly, reminding students about the meaning of Memorial Day and thanking them for their help in organizing the event.

“The cookout is definitely a group effort,” she said. “Students help set up and take turns helping serve each other. It really brings our #AIFamily community together.”
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