Heads up! It’s National Hat Day

National Hat Day at American Institute

January 15, 2018, Somerset, NJ – Poet John Oldham once said, “All your future lies beneath your hat.”

Students and staff at American Institute’s Somerset campus donned their favorite headgear to celebrate National Hat Day this year.

While we don’t see them as much as we used to, hats serve many purposes. They can be worn for protection, to display military rank, as part of a costume or uniform, to celebrate a special occasion, to keep warm or simply to make a fashion statement.

A hat can tell us a lot about someone. It can start a conversation,” said Iasia Gregory-Tall, Director of Admissions. “National Hat Day is an opportunity for students and staff to share a different side of themselves and get to know their AI Family better.”

Whether you prefer a baseball cap, a fancy Stetson, or a frilly fascinator, get it out and wear it proudly on National Hat Day!
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