American Institute Celebrates National Skilled Trades Day

May 3, 2023, New Jersey locations – The first Wednesday in May each year, in celebration of National Skilled Trades Day, we give a big shout-out to the amazing electricians who light up our lives and keep things running smoothly!

Think about it – without electricians, we wouldn’t have our cozy homes with lights that brighten up our evenings and no buzzing kitchen appliances or refreshing air conditioning on hot summer days. They’re the magicians behind the scenes, making our lives comfortable and convenient.

Training to become an electrician takes a lot of dedication and specialized skills training. American Institute was delighted to celebrate National Skilled Trades Day this year and honor those choosing to study the field in our Electrical Trades Technology program with food, fun, and #AIFamily in each of our New Jersey campuses!

Let’s all take a moment to give a heartfelt thanks to electricians and any other skilled tradespeople we know. They’re the sparks that keep our lives light, and we’re grateful for their hard work and expertise!

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