American Institute Celebrates Dental Assistants Recognition Week 2023

March 11, 2023, All locations – Dental assistants are an essential part of every dental team, working alongside dentists and the rest of the team to provide their patients with quality dental care. Each year, the American Dental Assistants Association celebrates this role in the first full week of March with Dental Assistants Recognition Week, and American Institute schools were delighted to join them again this year in honoring those who choose this profession.

Dental Assistants Recognition Week at American Institute

In 2023, Dental Assistants Recognition Week was celebrated from March 5th to March 11th. This week-long event was a time to honor and acknowledge the hard work and dedication of dental assistants across the country and especially among our #AIFamily who’ve chosen to pursue this field. It’s also an opportunity to raise awareness of the important contributions that dental assistants make to the dental profession, and help the entire profession gain greater recognition and respect among the communities they serve.

American Institute Dental Assistant Graduate

The theme for Dental Assistants Recognition Week in 2023 was “The Heart of Dental Offices Through Education, Commitment, & Safety”. Dental assistants have been on the front lines of providing dental care for many years, and their hard work and dedication are essential in keeping patients and dental practices running smoothly – they truly are the ‘heart’ of our dental offices and we’re so grateful for their upbeat professionalism and support when we visit the dentist (especially to those of us who may have a fear of doing so)!

American Institute celebrated throughout the week with current students and faculty at each location with food, shirts, and fun among the campuses and recognition posts on social media for graduates and faculty that shared their passion for this rewarding career.

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