Choosing the Career for You

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Whether you are a new high school grad thinking about your first career or after years of experience you’re ready for a change, choosing the career for you is an important process. We’ve compiled this playlist of videos to give you information and inspiration in your search to discover the right career. Learn from people whose career switch changed their life, as well as professional career coaches and experts.

What is Career Outlook?

Have you heard anyone mention career outlook before? It’s a valuable metric measured by the United States government Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS.) You can learn more about what career outlook means, and look up the career outlook for fields you are considering. You may be surprised which industries are projected to grow in the years ahead!

How to Find Work and Do What You Love

How do you figure out your strengths and decide what type of career you would love? This TED talk teaches how to find the career you’ll love and then get a job in that field. Following your passion in a career is important because it will help you feel fulfilled and be successful at work.

How to Choose a Career

With so many different career options out there, it’s hard to know where to begin! This popular video gives some great pointers on choosing a career in just two minutes. Whether you are passionate about helping others, being creative, or learning new things on the job, you can discover your strengths and find the career to match.

Career Change: The Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Now

This TED talk is by Laura Sheehan, a career strategist who knows all about switching jobs. She has worked in many different fields, in seven different countries! After changing careers so many times she has some great advice on the subject.

Clifton NJ Graduate – 2016 Medical Assisting Warren Jackson

After losing his job in manufacturing, Warren decided to make the change and become a medical assistant. He started his journey to the medical field by completing the medical assisting program here at American Institute. He felt the program helped prepare him to become certified and start his career as a medical assistant, and he is happy he made the career change.

Clifton NJ Graduate – 2017 Diagnostic Medical Sonography Iza Kekelia

Iza was financially comfortable in her career as a paralegal, but she wasn’t happy. When she chose to come to American Institute for the diagnostic medical sonography program, she almost immediately felt at home. Even though her English wasn’t perfect, everyone at the school helped her succeed and graduate. Now, she is happy in her new career. “I’m helping people. When I go home, I know I am doing something right.” she says.

Clifton Graduate – 2016 Medical Assisting Estivaly Brito

Estivaly wanted a career she could feel good about and a way to provide for her son. She’s glad she chose to become a medical assistant and start her journey at American Institute. She made friends and built personal relationships with instructors and believes that the friendly and welcoming environment here helped her succeed.

Toms River Graduate – 2016 Medical Assisting Dalia Sukaitis

Dalia decided to become a nurse’s aide later in life. When she got to the school she made another change and completed our medical assisting program instead. She says when her patients are in a bad mood or not feeling well she likes to be bright and cheerful. She loves when they tell her that she made their day. Making others happy at work is important to her, and she’s glad she can do that every day as a medical assistant.

Be Prepared for Your New Career

Here at American Institute, we offer programs that can prepare you for a variety of careers in the allied healthcare field. To learn more about our programs, financial aid options for those who qualify, and more, please contact us! We look forward to helping you choose the career for you.
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