What is a Resumé?

Prospective employers use resumés as their tools for deciding on which candidates to move to the interviewing phase of the job search process and ultimately hire.  Your resumé is the key that can open the door to a job opportunity. It must be crafted with careful consideration given to; word selection, what you include and how you include it, and how well it is organized.

It’s important to remember that an employer will view your resumé as a condensed version of your background and can interpret it as a reflection of your ability to perform the job responsibilities and requirements.  A resumé is first and foremost judged on its content and appearance.

A resumé also allow an employer to evaluate an individual’s organization and preparation skills.  How do employers use a resumé to do this?  They look at how well an individual can write, how well they organize their past experiences and just what types of experiences and jobs they have had.  You should always use your resumé as an opportunity to organize and review your skills and qualifications in a way that will strengthen your confidence and the confidence others will have in you.  This is your opportunity to communicate your achievements.  In reviewing your own resumé, think like an employer and ask yourself, if I saw this resumé, would I want to hire this person?

Paper or the Internet?  Good Question. Why, because so much of what we do is internet based today, individuals are questioning if there still is a need the traditional “paper” resumé. 

The internet has become a necessity in today’s job search, not only for researching job leads and company information, but especially considering that almost every job listing you see requests that resumés be emailed.  With that being said, today’s job applicant will need to submit their resumés via the internet. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to create an electronic version of your resumé – it’s a vital part of finding that job you are looking for. 

So what about the “paper resumé”?  You will still definitely need to have a paper version of your resumé.  Why?  When you get that interview, and you will…you’ll need to bring a paper version of your resumé with you.  People interviewing you will ask, “Did you bring a copy of resumé?” And your answer should always be, “Yes.” 

Also, your paper resumé may also help you as you fill out your on-site job application.  Filling out an application can be tricky, and let’s face it, when you are at your interview you will be nervous, so use your resumé to help organize your thoughts.

In addition, even though much of our daily business happens on-line, there will still be places that can’t accommodate an electronic version of your resumé and they will request that you fax or bring in a paper copy.

You may also come across different job postings where an email address is not listed.  Maybe they forgot to add it or maybe there is a typo in the address giving the dreaded “undeliverable message” – but you really want the opportunity to interview for that job.  Send them a paper copy and maybe you will get the chance after all.

Finally, I happen to believe that while you are busy sending out electronic versions of your resumé, sending a traditional paper version in the mail will help you to stand out.  That’s right use the US Postal Service – it can help you stand out!

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