Students wear Blue Jeans for Babies to raise funds for the March of Dimes

March 2017, all locations – According to the March of Dimes, every day babies are born sick or so small they can fit in the palm of a hand. To help support the organization’s efforts to improve neonatal care and infant health, the American Institute takes part in the annual “Blue Jeans for Babies” fundraiser.

On all American Institute campuses, March is designated for “Blue Jeans for Babies” dress-down fundraising efforts. Students and staff donate funds, “permitting” them to wear blue jeans to class on Wednesdays and/or Fridays. All the money raised is donated to the March of Dimes, where seventy-seven cents of every dollar directly supports research and community programs.

blue jeans for babies
Clifton students support Blue Jeans for Babies fundraiser for March of Dimes
Carmen Haynes led the initiative on the Clifton campuses. “I went to every class to introduce our event, explaining the importance of Blue Jeans for Babies and how crucial students’ donations are to the March of Dimes.” Instructors also posted flyers in online courses as well as around campus and reminded students about the fundraiser throughout the month.

Dozens of students are participating,” said Ms. Haynes. “Including many ‘repeat supporters’ – students who have consistently supported the cause. So far, we’ve raised more than $100, and we’re only partway through the month!”

Blue Jeans for Babies is one of many national and international fundraising and awareness campaigns that American Institute encourages students to support.

“We participate in these events to support important causes and to show students the importance of being active in our community,” said Assistant Campus President, Sherry Muse. “Teaching the students to be concerned about the community and to participate in events like Blue Jeans for Babies directly supports our core values and the educational experience.”
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