SMART boards Installed at American Institute Campuses

White Plains, NY – Today American Institute announced it is installing SMART board technology at all of its campuses.  Randy Proto, CEO of American Institute today praised the new technology, saying “The SMART boards are really added pieces of technology that will enhance the student experience.” In 1991 SMART introduced the first SMART interactive whiteboard.  Today, the technology is becoming more prevalent in schools as well as businesses.  The SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard that provides many practical uses for the classroom. Thousands of teachers and students are experiencing improved learning outcomes and heightened engagement from the use of SMART board technology. According to the SMART board website ( research indicates that interactive whiteboards benefit student engagement, learner motivation and knowledge retention. The technology has been successful in reaching students with a variety of learning styles, including those with special needs. Proto added, “Currently, the SMART boards have been installed in five of our six campuses.  The reason we decided to bring this technology to our classrooms is that we believe that learning should not only be challenging and thought provoking, but also interactive and fun.  The boards, and response systems will allow students in the classroom to actually interact with their instructors during lectures as they answer questions through remote controls that are reminiscent of a gaming system.  Our world has changed and with the advent of new technology always comes greater expectations that schools find innovative ways to engage students in the learning process.  Today American Institute took an innovative step that is being received with great reviews at the campus level.”
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