Fundraiser for Student Who Lost Everything in Union City Fire

Clifton, NJ – Calling it “a day which shows the true spirit of Fox Institute and the American Institute Family of Schools,” Randy S. Proto, CEO of American Institute applauded the efforts of the faculty, staff and students from the Fox Institute, New Jersey Campus for their efforts on behalf of Veronica Montenegro – a fellow classmate.

On Saturday, April 24, 2010, Fox Institute of Business, an American Institute school, and the massage therapy students held a special fundraiser in an effort to raise money for a surviving family of the Union City fire which took place this past Sunday, April 18th.  Veronica Montenegro is a student at Fox Institute and was about to graduate this week. She and her family lost everything in the fire.

“The Massage Therapy Program Director Selene Del Valle sees Veronica as an exemplary student,” added Proto.  “She is the type of student that inspired her classmates and instructors all along, but in light of this recent event they felt compelled to do something to help her and her family.  Of course when the administration was approached by Ms. Delvalle everyone thought a fundraiser would be an excellent idea.  We are glad that Veronica and her family are safe, and we are proud of our students, staff and faculty for all they have done to help.”

Selene Del Valle, Massage Therapy Program Director of Fox Institute, NJ said, “From 9am to 4pm, the massage clinic being run by students offered a variety of massage styles to include Swedish, Sports, Therapeutic, Shiatsu and Chair.  Our efforts were able to raise $1,285 to help Veronica and her family.  Other items that we collected at the event were clothing and household goods.  I was very proud of my students.”

Chris Coutts, Chief Operating Officer of Fox Institute stated, “Our schools always feel like a family.  Our students, staff and faculty are always there for one another, but today was a special day.  Watching them all come together on behalf of one of their classmates is really what education is all about.  None of it would have been possible without the support and vision of Selene Del Valle, the Program Director of the Massage Therapy Program.  She really deserves the credit for such a great event and supporting these students as they tried to help Veronica.”

Hilda Diaz, Campus President of Fox Institute commented, “We were also able to give Veronica everything she needs to be able to go out and work browse around these guys.  The school through the approval of Mr. Proto and Mr. Coutts donated a massage table, linens and everything else that Veronica needed to get right to work – that is just the type of school this is.  When something is wrong we work as a team to fix it.  When we knew that Veronica lost everything we had to do something so she could get to work.  We were happy to help and we are very glad that she and her family are safe.”

Fox Institute will continue to take donations of clothes and household goods if people are interested.

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