American Institute Celebrates MARWeek in honor of Medical Assistants

October 21-October 25, 2019, all locations – American Institute joined in the week-long celebration of Medical Assistant Recognition Week (MARWeek) again in 2019. American Institute recognizes the devotion Medical Assistants have to help both patients and doctors have better healthcare experiences, and uses this week as a time to honor that dedication and passion for helping others among our #AIFamily.

Students in Somerset, NJ received pint-size vitamin pens and a warm catered meal from a local establishment, while Clifton, NJ students and staff received insulated tumblers showcasing their role in ‘making a difference’ in the lives around them every day.

Tim Rodgers, Director of Education/Campus President in Toms River, NJ noted, “I applaud our Medical Assisting students, staff, and faculty for choosing such an important career and dedicating their lives to helping others. I’m happy to honor their contributions and recognize them for the hard work they put in every day with a hot meal together with their AI Family.”

The West Hartford, CT campus also brought in a catered meal for both day and evening classes as well as the faculty and staff in the program. “It’s important to us to recognize all medical assistants during this week each year, with so many of our students and alumni in this field. We’re so grateful for their big hearts and great patient care, especially when we see them in their workplace caring for our family and loved ones,” added West Hartford Director of Education, Kim Colbert.
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