Spring-Summer Graduation 2015

All Locations – From March to May 2015, each location celebrated the achievements of graduates with commencement ceremonies. At each ceremony, graduates spoke about their experience with American Institute and future career. Kathy Paul addresses Clifton GraduatesAs Kathy Paul, Massage Therapy Graduate from Clifton, NJ campus said in her speech, “Congratulations to all of us on successfully completing our respective courses of study.” Kathy went on to share two words that grads (and everyone) can focus on as they move through their career: intention and gratitude. Greeting each day with the intention to do well and gratitude for what we have helps create a lifelong pattern of success. Kathy, we are so grateful for you and all our graduates, and the opportunity to be a part of all your career journeys! Director of Education from Toms River campus, Donielle Fitch, echoed those sentiments when she spoke to graduates at the Toms River ceremony, “As you step out to meet the world with your mind prepared and your skills fine-tuned, I urge you to set your direction with a positive attitude and a strong spirit.” “One of the greatest joys for American Institute faculty and staff is seeing each of our students graduate and go on to pursue their new careers with the passion that brought them to us in the beginning. It is our privilege to be a part of that process for each and every one of these graduates,” shared Chief Financial Officer Stephen Schwartz. Toms River Graduates
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