Massage Therapy Students and Staff attend IECSC New York

American Institute attends IECSC New York March 8-10, 2015, Clifton, NJ – The International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conferences are the premier spa and wellness events in the country. Taking place in New York, Las Vegas, and Florida, IECSC offers leading education and dynamic show floors. Spa and wellness professionals rely on IECSC for insightful guidance to grow their businesses and keep them at the forefront of their competitive industry, and our Clifton Massage Therapy students and staff were delighted to attend IECSC New York this year visit this page. The conference offered a comprehensive education program with a stellar roster of speakers and timely topics to help enhance skills and careers, invigorating the instructors and confirming for students their career choice. Attendees were able to purchase products, see the latest trends, and learn the newest techniques emerging in the spa and wellness markets. The classes, seminars and workshops offered were taught by industry leaders who shared their wisdom with attendees; attendees also had opportunities to meet the speakers to get advice, inspiration, and insight to help them and their business grow and evolve. IECSC offered in-depth workshops focused on topics ranging from business management to aesthetic training, with a heavy focus on increasing revenue potential and broadening knowledge and skills. Said COO Christopher Coutts, “I’m proud of Massage Therapy Program Director Ms. Selene Delvalle and her team for helping our students and staff stay at the forefront of their industry. American Institute is dedicated to providing relevant and hands-on training experiences like this to help ensure our graduates are ready for their new careers when they graduate.”
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