Maintain Your Progress While Social Distancing: 7 Simple Ways to Study Effectively at Home

We’re all doing our part to slow the spread of COVID-19, but staying home doesn’t have to slow your educational progress. Through American Institute’s online learning platform, you can continue earning credits toward your career training program. Follow these simple steps to give yourself the uninterrupted space and time to continue your studies. When this crisis is over, you’ll be that much closer to achieving your career goals.

  1. Set up your study space. Choose a spot with good light, a comfortable chair, and space for your laptop and other study materials. Keep everything in that space (or close by), so you don’t have to spend extra time setting up your study space every day.
  2. Make learning a priority. Taking care of your home and family is important, but so is continuing your program. You made a commitment to your career training program, and you deserve to take the time you need to continue working toward it.
  3. Establish a daily schedule. Sit down with your family and decide how you will spend your days. Post your schedule with designated times for meals, cleanup, exercise, play – and, of course, your online coursework. Be realistic – you may only be able to study 30 minutes at time. But when it comes to your future, every minute counts.
  4. Minimize distractions. When it’s time to study, tell your family “No interruptions.” Hang up a sign as a reminder. Set your phone to Do Not Disturb, and block email and social media notifications on your computer. Wear headphones or earplugs to block out noise, and position yourself so you can’t see anything except your laptop and study materials. Do whatever it takes to help you maintain your focus.
  5. Set realistic “mini-goals.” Don’t try to pack a week’s worth of learning into a single session. Break down your coursework into bite-size chunks. Pledge to read ten pages or watch one video, and then answer two end-of-chapter questions. When you’re done, reward yourself with a five-minute social media break or a fresh cup of coffee. Then sit back down, and get to work on your next mini-goal.
  6. Stay connected. Take advantage of the communication tools built into Canvas, AI’s Learning Management System. Look for and participate in forums related to your coursework and get involved in – or start your own – group chats with fellow students.
  7. Ask for help. If you’re struggling with a new concept, “raise your (virtual) hand.” Post questions or reach out directly to your AI instructor. Many instructors are maintaining daily “office hours,” so you can call or chat online one-to-one to work through any concerns.

American Institute is committed to supporting our students through this challenging time. If you need any help continuing your studies at home – technical support, extra time or resources – contact your instructor or program director and they’ll help get you up and running.

Be safe, stay healthy, and focus on your future. We’ll get through this together.

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