Clifton MT students become “Pirates of the CURE-ibbean” for the annual American Cancer Society Relay for Life

June 16, 2018, Clifton, NJ – The Relay for Life has become a cherished tradition for students and staff at American Institute’s Clifton, NJ, campus. For more than ten years, massage therapy students have provided complimentary massages to participants in the annual fundraising event, in addition to taking part in the 24-hour relay and raising funds to support the American Cancer Society.

“This event is so close to our hearts at American Institute,” said Assistant Campus President / Director of Education Sherry Muse, “We have employees and students, family and friends who are challenged by cancer, either as patients or as caregivers. This event lets us do something to support them.”

This year’s theme – “Pirates of the CURE-ibbean” gave students and staff a chance to wear patches on one eye and bandanas on their heads, and the best-dressed pirate won a prize.

American Institute Joins Clifton Relay For Life 2018

“The focus is always on supporting the survivors and caregivers and helping to find a cure,” said Mrs. Muse. “But the bandanas did come in handy. When you’re walking in 90+ degree weather, you appreciate being protected from the sun!”

The massage therapy students were especially happy to find more cancer survivors receiving complimentary chair massages this year. Massage therapy can be beneficial for cancer patients once they have achieved certain milestones in their recovery.

“Seeing more survivors getting massages meant they were hopefully further along with their treatment and possibly even in remission,” said Mrs. Muse. “That felt really good.”

Through fundraising prior to the event, the American Institute team raised just over $1000 to support the American Cancer Society’s research into finding a cure.

“Hearing the stories and knowing that someone else got through diagnosis and treatment is so important. It’s personal for our AI Family,” said Mrs. Muse.

We just want people to have more birthdays.”
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