“Be Sweet” and “Do Good December” Reward AI Students for Going the Extra Mile

December 2017, All locations – Every day, American Institute students, staff, and faculty demonstrate their caring, generosity, and dedication to others without expecting anything in return. In December, students and staff who witnessed these acts of kindness could nominate their peers for recognition and tangible rewards.

American Institute December Celebration

The “Do Good December” and “Be Sweet December” programs give the diverse American Institute community a way to celebrate the spirit of the holiday season by showing appreciation for each other and everything that makes our community so special.

‘Tattling’ is encouraged during this month-long celebration. Anyone can “call out” a fellow student or staff member who does something to benefit the community, such as staying late to help a fellow student with an assignment or organizing a carpool to help students get to class.

We see members of our community doing nice things for each other all the time,” said Stephen Schwartz, CFO. “Do Good December lets us shine on light on their kindness and celebrate our shared values of service and community.”

“Our students and staff don’t all share the same holiday traditions, but we all appreciate when someone does something nice for us,” said Christopher Coutts, President/COO. “This event lets us say ‘thank you’ to the people who make our AI family so supportive.”
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