American Institute West Hartford Attends CCMC Radiothon

August 13th, 2015, West Hartford, CT – This August, the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center (CCMC), paired with Connoisseur Media, held their 13th annual Radiothon fundraiser. The event was broadcast live from the One World Cafe at the CCMC in Hartford, and shared inspiring patient care stories that reflect the incredible work accomplished each day at the CCMC. American Institute is proud to support the CCMC Radiothon each year with fundraising on campus; this year, we raised almost $350 in donations! The Radiothon helped raise almost $120,000 overall, which will help give young patient’s the superb quality care they deserve. CCMC Radiothon Our American Institute staff have several amazing experiences at the hospital … Kim Voket, Program Director for the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program, and Kim Colbert, Campus President, both have first-hand knowledge of the care and support this organization provides. The two women, along with Ms. Colbert’s daughter Grace who has Type-1 Diabetes, attended the Radiothon this year to represent American Institute. Grace’s experience at the CCMC was even featured on the The Morning Show!
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