American Institute School of Wellness and Beauty Announces the Appointment of one of its Employees to the Florida Spa Association Board of Directors

Margate, FL – On Thursday, June 23, 2011 the Florida Spa Association (FSA) announced three new members to the Board of Directors.  American Institute School of Wellness and Beauty is pleased to announce that Ms. Nathalie Turotte, National Director of Alumni Services was chosen as one of the three. Nathalie Turotte was appointed as the Education Director for the Florida Spa Association.  George   Lopez, President of the Florida Spa Association as well as an Alumni of American Institute School of Wellness and Beauty stated that “the Florida Spa Association was happy to announce the appointment of Nathalie Turotte, to the Florida Spa Association Board.  Nathalie brings with her a plethora of experience and knowledge in the field of education.” At their recent one year anniversary event the Board acknowledged the honor of working with American Institute and having Nathalie on the Board.  Since its inception the Florida Spa Association has focused on education in the Florida Spa Industry. With Nathalie’s appointment this focus is now sharpened; “our thanks go out to the American Institute for their participation in the growth of the years to come” added Lopez. Nathalie Turotte said she is “so excited about this opportunity!  I can see tremendous potential for this mutually beneficial alliance and am truly looking forward to serving our Florida State community of spa owners, managers, vendors, technicians and students.  Together we are setting to co-create substantial, progressive tools designed to boost spa professionals’ careers and businesses: advanced classes, demos, round-tables, webinars, online job platform, career fairs and more!  I couldn’t be more thrilled to be representing American Institute’s long tradition of excellence in the Health and Beauty Education sector among this inspiring group of spa professionals.” Richard McCulloch, Campus President of American Institute School of Wellness and Beauty, added, “The appointment of Nathalie Turotte to the Board of the Florida Spa Association exemplifies just how organizations of this caliber seek out the best and the brightest to contribute to their future successes. In Nathalie, they have found a highly organized, consummate professional who has a tremendous depth of knowledge that she is willing to share with industry professionals. They could not have a made a better choice for their Board.”  
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