If you’ve been a practicing in your field long enough, you may be looking for a spark to reignite your passion in your career. Or, maybe you were lucky enough to have a mentor in the early days of your career and would like to ‘pay it forward’ to the next generation. Possibly, you need to hire someone for your practice but would like a chance to do a trial before hiring a new graduate to make sure the fit is a good one for your team. One way to do that and make a difference in others’ lives is to mentor students as they practice their newly acquired skills in an externship.

Externships are for students who have completed 30 weeks of training and hands-on practice in chair-side, lab, and radiology procedures and are ready to put their newly acquired skills to work. Externs are usually supervised by employee volunteers who agree to walk them through day-to-day routines at the company or organization, and in exchange you receive unpaid assistance in a very demanding field.

American Institute is proud to provide career training to individuals seeking a career in an allied health field like Dental Assisting. We teach on a three term / three module schedule, and students begin their externship after successfully completing Terms I and II.

Our program provides the student with the training and skills to demonstrate competence in a variety of dental office procedures and laboratory techniques. The student possesses the following:

  • The ability to perform preliminary examination procedures, assisting chair-side using four handed dentistry, prepare impressions/restorations materials and instrument sterilization.
  • Knowledge of charting, appointment scheduling, patient record maintenance, ordering supplies and process insurance forms.
  • Understanding of dental law and jurisprudence and patient communication skills necessary in daily dental office procedures.
  • The capability to expose and process dental x-rays. Ability to instruct patients on general oral health care and post operative care.
  • Make study models of teeth from impressions, clean/polish removable appliances, craft temporary crowns and take vital signs.

You can host a student for a maximum of 300 total hours (24 hours per week) with a minimum commitment of 100 hours.

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