Cosmetology Career

Cosmetology is the professional skill or practice of beautifying the face, hair, and skin. Cosmetology is an exciting and gratifying career. Below are several cosmetology careers that you could go into after graduation.

Makeup Artists

This is a very popular aspect of cosmetology. Makeup artists have the task of accentuating their client’s natural beauty. This particular field can be fun and gratifying as you have the opportunity to make people feel great about the way they look, often preparing them for important life events. Makeup artists work with colors and techniques to apply makeup products to their clients and some makeup artists are qualified to provide skin care treatments. These could include using facial cleansers, moisturizers and oils. Makeup artists also consult with their clients about the application of makeup and recommend products and colors that they think work well with the client’s skin type.

Hair Stylists

This is one of the more well-known careers in cosmetology. Hair stylists shampoo, cut, color, and style their clients hair. They also help their clients maintain their hair style. They can recommend hairstyles for clients and ensuring the upkeep of hairstyles for ongoing clientele. Some hair stylists provide consultations in hair colors, hairstyles, and hair care. This helps to insure the client can maintain their look at home.

Nail Technicians

This can be a very artistic avenue for those with a degree in cosmetology. Nail technicians perform treatments of the hands, nails and feet. These treatments generally include various types of manicures, pedicures, aromatherapy treatments and massages of the hands and feet. Clients often get nail treatments as a way to help them relax. Nail technicians also apply synthetic nails and polishing agents for their clients. This beautifies the client’s nails, giving them a renewed sense of confidence.

Basic Skin Care Technician

This is a lesser known occupation of cosmetology. Basic skin care technicians perform skin care treatments, massages and hair removal treatment. Basic Skin Care Technicians are licensed cosmetologists, and their job is to help beautify and maintain the skin of their clients. The procedures entail using cleansing agents, lotions, body oils and other skin care products. These procedures often are very relaxing for the clients. Not only does this help improve a client’s skin, but it often helps to put their mind at peace. Basic Skin Care Technicians can also provide consultations and recommend treatments to their clients. An individual interested in exploring a career in esthetics may be required to seek additional training to become Esthetician when licensure is required.

All of these different occupations have one thing in common, they are providing a service. These services help to restore people’s confidence, enhance their beauty, and renew their inner peace. When you work as a cosmetologist you get to see the positive effect you have on people’s lives. Start your cosmetology career today!

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